End Sugar Cravings With the 21 Days Sugar Detox Pdf Guide

Five Quick Tips to Ending Sugar Cravings

This write-up discusses the 21 days sugar detox pdf review

More than any country on earth, America consumes more soft drink than any other drink. This can be said to be the reason behind the increasing obesity, diabetes, and stroke. This is not surprising as soft drinks, carbonated drinks, and many other processed foods are laden with sugar. Sugar appeals to the taste bud in the brain, thus tricking the body to desire more. This is the reason behind the addictive nature of sugar.

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The effect of sugar goes way pass the listed illness above. Sugar affects almost all areas of the body ranging from the brain, the bones, the mood and your energy level. No wonder John Leo of the 21 days sugar detox pdf program affirmed that one of the best things you can do for yourself is breaking sugar addiction.

In the light of the above, we would analyze three simple and effective ways to curb sugar addiction. Users should note however that sugar addiction cannot just go away on a day. This is to be expected as habits are not formed in a day.

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  1. Take Whole Fruits Instead of Sweets

Many people have testified to the effectiveness of whole fruits in breaking sugar cravings. Instead of snacking on burger and pizza between meals, fruits are an effective replacement. Besides helping users break free sugar addiction, there is the added benefit of improved minerals and vitamins thus a better health.

Mangoes, banana, cherries, tangerines etc are a great source of fruits. The 21 days sugar detox guide, however, advised users to beware of fruits with high sugar contents. They could be addictive as well.

  1. Abandon Artificial Sweeteners

To break free from the shackles of sugar addiction, anything too sweet is better done away with reported John Leo of the 21 days sugar detox program. When a sugar detox program gets tough, many however advise diet soda or sugar-free gum. However, caramel, saccharine or aspartame in excess quantity is best avoided. This is because the body tends to desire more in a bid to reach satisfaction.

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  1. Drink a lot of Water

Many times, when your body is dehydrated, the brain misinterprets it for sugar cravings. Thus, this could trigger sugar cravings when in actual fact, it needs water. Thus, in getting rid of sugar addiction, it is necessary to fall in love with water. Drink plenty of water such that it makes you full and flush toxins from your body.

The 21 days sugar detox eBook also recommends taking sugar in warm tea. With these, the craving for sweet food is satisfied.

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  1. Do Away With Processed Foods

Many people do not see sugar as a threat to their health until the side effect manifest. Just like heroin and codeine, sugar is addictive with devastating effect on the body. The tricky issue is that sugar hides in many processed foods that we eat. Many food items have been laden with sugar in one hidden from or the other. This calls for caution in selecting our daily food.

Sugar and all its forms trigger the nucleus accumbens region of the brain. This produces dopamine, the neurotransmitter in charge of the feel-good effect. After a while when the dopamine level drops, John Leo revealed in the 21 Day sugar detox download that we feel down with a desire to have more. More of processed foods, sugar and its form could lead to addiction.

  1. Have a Backup Plan

In other words, have a distraction plan that will come in handy in times of intense sugar cravings. This is a good 21 Day sugar detox pdfresort when other coping strategies fail. Your coping strategy could be exercise: thus by the time you are minutes into the exercise, the cravings are gone.

You could decide to read a novel, watch a comedy series, pick a piece of fruit etc. Having a backup plan that counters the craving helps configure the body to combat sugar cravings.


Without a doubt, this is just a surface advice on what users can do to curb sugar cravings. Intense levels of craving can be addressed through the teachings of the 21 Day sugar detox pdf guide.

The 21 Day sugar detox program teaches alternatives to sugar and how to get rid of all sugar residues in the body. It is a detailed program designed for everyone who wants to get rid of the side effect of sugar as well.

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