The 21 day Sugar Detox Program: What Excess Sugar Does

Seven Weird Things That Happens to Your Body After Excess Sugar

This write-up shed light on the 21 day sugar detox program eBook.

It is no longer news that excess sugar is terrible for the health. Chances are most people know this yet, they cannot resist the urge to consume sugar. This is not surprising because even if you desire to avoid sugar, there are many food items with sugar concealed in it. Thus, you find yourself stocked with sugar.

However, excessive consumption of sugar doesn’t come without repercussions. As far as the 21 day sugar detox guide is concerned, sugar only appeals to the taste bud. The whole body suffers the impact of sugar overload.

Sugar affects the body in many ways. We will discuss some things that go on in the body after excess sugar consumption.

  1. Your Brain Suffers

The 21 day sugar detox program reveals that your brain is not exempted from the effect of sugar. Although, sugar most times affect the brain indirectly. This is because of part of the component of sugar – Fructose – stimulates the reward center of the brain. In other words, excessive consumption can give users a kind of a “high” feeling.21 day sugar detox program

When these proceeds for long, users could become dull as learning is affected. Thus, it will be tough to learn and remember stuff. Thus, sugar practically leads to brain degeneration as revealed by the 21 day sugar detox eBook.

  1. You tend To Want More

Since sugar stimulates the reward center of the brain, chances are you want more. The sad thing is that the feeling of satisfaction is tampered with when consuming sugar. Thus, you tend to want more and more of both sugar and foods containing sugar.

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  1. It fosters aging

Eating excess sugar can also make the skin age faster. This is because it affects the repair of college. Collagen is a protein that helps maintain a smooth, youthful skin. Thus, reduced elasticity, premature wrinkles etc are the aftermath of excessive sugar treats.

The 21 day sugar detox system advised getting alternative to sugar. This could come from natural forms of sugar like fruits. Brown sugar and honey could come in till the addiction are broken. Fruits could also help reduce the effect of artificial sugar cravings.

  1. You Add Weight

Thank God for our liver – the organ that digest and convert sugar into energy. However, just like any machine, it has a limit. Thus, when sugar is consumed in excess such that the liver cannot handle them all, it gets converted to fat.

The 21 day sugar detox download reveals that taking too much sugar is equivalent to consuming excess fat. With this, you increase your chances of heart attack, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

  1. You get Addicted

Consuming sugar triggers the reward center of the brain. This releases dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for getting attached to something such that we want and crave more of it.

Dr. Bagwell of the 21 day sugar detox program reveals that when the dopamine receptors are excessively stimulated, the available receptors they have to combine with reduces. This means that the body will need a higher dopamine hit to derive the same pleasure.

  1. It Fosters Stress

Sugar has the tendency to bring down the level of cortisol – the stress hormone in the body. On the contrary, excessive sugar and foods that break down to sugar can make one prone to insulin resistance. Dr. Bagwell of the 21 days sugar detox download reveals that this stresses the body from the inside out.

This is where exercise comes in. Go for a walk or run, in short sweat. Sweating out via exercise will help break reduce cortisol.

21 day sugar detox program

  1. Users Feel Unstable Energy Level

Sugar, carbs, and foods that convert to sugar like bread, rice, and pasta raise the level of glucose in the blood. This could make the user feel energized, which however last for a while. The sad part is that this improved energy is followed by a feeling of sluggishness later.

The brain behind the 21 day sugar detox download advises the user to bank on protein-rich food as snacks. Thus, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, Greek yogurts etc can come in between food. This can help keep your blood sugar level in check, avoid energy surge and sustain you much longer.


Sugar affects the body in many ways. The worst part is that almost all parts and organs of the body suffer from excess sugar consumption. Thus, it is recommended that users take conscious effort to curb the intake of sugar.

The 21 day sugar detox program was designed to help people break free from sugar addiction. It not only break sugar addiction but other foods that convert into sugar like white flour and refined sugar. The 21 day sugar detox eBook provides users with alternatives that are healthy replacements for sugar!


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