Adonis Golden Ratio eBook: Habits that Helps Muscle Growth

Habits That Help Your Muscle Gain Efforts: Adonis Golden Ratio eBook Review

Without a doubt, the right diet plans and workout effort is a ticket to building lean muscle. However, to greater returns on your effort to build lean muscle, it is important to develop the right habits. This boils down drinking enough amount of water and getting the optimum amount of sleep.

When it comes to muscle building, the Adonis Golden ratio eBook reveals that there are no shortcuts. With dedication and consistency, coupled with the right habits, you can develop lean muscle in the appropriate places. The Adonis golden ratio program describes elaborately how you can develop lean muscle and eliminate fat. But if this is not accompanied with the right habits, one may experience delayed results.

In this regard, we have some interesting lifestyle adjustments that can help your weight loss efforts. These are simple tips that can be adopted into your everyday life. Shall we discuss them below:

  1. Consume More protein

Many bodybuilders are guilty of not consuming enough protein. Thus, they do not have the necessary nutrients to support their muscle building efforts. Protein comes from plants and animals thus, effort must be made to get more high-quality whole food protein.

Whole chicken, ground beef, hard boiled eggs etc, are sources of proteins that can be easily accessed.  The goal is to make sure there is a protein source for every single meal. Besides helping your muscle gain effort, you also look stronger and healthier.

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  1. Consume Adequate Dairy products

Nature blessed dairy products with anabolic suitable for muscle growth. Designed by nature, it makes humans and mammals stronger, healthier and bigger.

Dairy products stand out when it comes to growth and increased calorie intake. The beautiful thing about dairy is that you can get creative with it and make a snack. Thus, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese etc should be your top choices. John Barban of the Adonis Golden ratio pdf guide affirmed that it can serve as snacks before training.

As with protein above, it is best to include dairy in your meals. As the day goes, you will notice a considerable improvement in your progress.

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  1. An Average of 8 hours of Sleep.

Your muscle building effort is incomplete without sleep. Besides, John Barban, the brain behind the Adonis Golden ratio system stressed that sleep is essential to repair and grow your muscles. No matter how hard you train or what strict diet you are following, sleep is vital.

Most people are used to about 6 hours of sleep per day. This is not effective for your muscle building effort. Thus, it is vital to make effort to create the right and best atmosphere for your sleep. Avoid distractions and what could interfere with your sleep schedule.

If possible, take your bath, meditate or do yoga as revealed in the Adonis Golden ratio eBook. This, without a doubt, will improve the quality of your night rest. Sleep is vital because, during sleep, spoilt tissues and muscles are repaired, paving the way for muscle gain.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress is very, very bad. Asides sabotaging your muscle growth effort, it wrecks havoc on the entire health. Stress produces cortisol, this causes loss of muscle and fat gain. This without a doubt is a detriment to your weight loss efforts.

The Adonis golden ratio eBook advises that users should do all to reduce stress when trying to build muscle. Besides, if you are easily stressed, attempt stress-relieving activities. This could be as simple as yoga, taking a walk, reading a book, meditation, appreciate the little things of life etc.

Making this a lifestyle will go a long way to reduce stress. Besides, this habit will make your muscle growth effort a lot more productive.

  1. Fall in Love With Carbs

For you to be effective in the gym, carbs are essential. You need carbs to fuel your muscle to give you the required result. Thus, including carbohydrates in each serving is a good idea. Yams, rice, sweet potatoes, rice cereals etc are great examples of carbohydrates. Fruit also works best in supplementing your carbohydrate intake.


Building lean muscle is not as difficult as it seems. However, you have got to support your effort with the right habits. Thus, inculcating the above tips into your lifestyle is a great way to go. Besides, what you will learn in the Adonis Golden ratio eBook, you need to develop the right lifestyle and habit to make it a reality.

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