So many men have had issues at one point or the other with erectile dysfunction(ED) in their lives. Young men, middle aged and even elderly people had records of ED. Erectile Dysfunction had caused many men embarrassment, rock hard protocollow self esteem, image and confidence, frictions in sexual relationships, depression, separation and marriage divorce. ED had been an issue many men fail to confront, sweep it under the carpet and live in denied. Living in denial has not helped men and some men are still handling this issue this way. Quite a number of men have formulated products to cure erectile dysfunction. Some however having really good results. Rock hard protocol is one among the few best ED cures. My rock hard protocol review is about that product many never knew emanated from a woman. This would reveal the strength required to reverse erectile dysfunction successfully.


rock-hard-protocolThe author of the rock hard protocol guide is Anna. She is a woman that was not just concerned about her sexual life but decided to help her husband. It all started with somebody sending her a wrong message. The message was an image of a man’s penis that was very erect. This aroused her sexually and confronted her with the issues she and her husband had sexually.

She was having a friend, a medical personnel who she opened up to about the issues her husband had. She went past her shame and was ready for solution. Her friend called Karen shared some information that was very useful to her and her husband. She learnt that you never know who had battled and reversed ED until you talk and come close.

This information includes what we will be looking into with my rock hard protocol review. Hence making men benefit greatly from it.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when a man cannot have and keep an erection needed for sex and it does not become a cause for concern until it is persistent. An erection is a complex process that is achieved by the working together of related tissues and organs of the body. A man is stimulated sexually by what he sees, hears or when touched.

The body’s response to these stimuli occurs whenever messages are sent to the brain. The brain communicates with the nerves in the penis and makes them relax. This relaxation is in preparation to get filled by enough blood to make the penis rigid. There is no single cause of ED, therefore, ED is caused by a number of factors. It has been observed that some causes may be physical or psychological or a combination of both.  Physical causes are some malfunctioning that has happened to some vital organs of the body and is now having a spread effect on other parts.

Some physical causes of ED includes;

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Sleep disorders
  • Effects of drugs used to treat prostate cancer

Physical factors that cause ED can be corrected by watching your lifestyles that predispose you to any of them. The heart is essential in the circulation of blood round the body and whatever affects proper blood circulation will shut down erection process. The use of alcohols and drugs can be reduced or stopped totally. This is because they affect the normal coordination of the brain and nervous system. Proper balanced diet is however encouraged and this helps get rid of unwanted cholesterol. The body needs proper sleep after rigorous use during the day. Sleep is very vital and has a way of rejuvenating the body for maximum functioning. Rock hard protocol however breaks down this steps for easy assimilation.

Psychological factors are those things that affect the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. When this happens, the body will however suffer largely. Some psychological factors cause ED according to the rock hard protocol program. Therefore this says results from brain malfunctioning.

Examples of psychological factors are

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mental illness
  • Poor communication
  • Relationship problems arising from stress

Psychological factors can be handles by taking out time to relax and do not take issues to the heart too much.

Signs of ED

The signs of ED are indications that show that you really have it and they include

  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Challenge having a proper erection
  • Challenge sustaining an erection
  • Sexual concerns
  • Conditions that predispose to ED like heart disease, obesity

When you notice any of these signs, you can consult a medical doctor and tests may be conducted before further action is taken.



Rock hard protocol program is a natural erectile dysfunction treatment. However known to be void of the harmful side effects of the drugs, pumps, and injection. Anna Young’s program is a product of long time researches that has been tested on men and has had significant results in record time.

The secret ingredients of rock hard protocol eBook are L-Arginine and OPC. These are the active components that are needed to reverse erectile dysfunction.rock-hard-protocol

Studies around ED has shown that one major thing that must happen before a man can have an erection is that the blood vessels of the penis will relax and get filled with blood. This makes the penis erect. However anything that blocks the flow of blood to the penis has been a cause of ED.

Research has also shown that a man produces the amino acid L-Arginine. This is a natural body product that is responsible for the synthesis of Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide then alerts the brain in the face of arousal to relax the blood vessels of the penis. As this happens, blood flows into those vessels and the penis becomes rigid.

The amount of L-Arginine declines in the body with increase in age. Science has been able to synthesize in the laboratory a drug which is prototype of the natural L-Arginine. It is called the same name and functions like the natural one. It is used as a natural supplement and available in drug stores.

What is OPC?

OPC is a stimulant that has been combined with L-Arginine to produce a powerful effect in erectile dysfunction treatment. Stimulants are substances that help you to stay active and alert by providing the energy you need for your activities.

Rock hard protocol system combines these two ingredients because it is not just enough for blood to flow to the penis and make it erect, the man needs energy to sustain it as long as he wants for his sexual pleasure and satisfy his mate.

This program is also very special because there is an added element- she applied the palms of her hands also. Drugs will perform internal functions of stimulating the penis but the physical action is also very important. Studies have shown that arousing the penis by massaging is a natural way of getting the penis erect.

Getting this program download, you will get detailed information on the amino acids and enzymes you need in your body. And the kinds of foods to eat that will help in blood circulation and energy. You will also learn a lot more!



So many men have testified positively to Anna’s rock hard protocol PDF as an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. Some of the merits you will enjoy are

  • It is a natural and quick way
  • It is not expensive
  • You do not have to worry about dangerous side effects
  • This requires however requires no need to travel round the world. Simply to get the ingredients because they are common and readily available at drug stores
  • You will know the right proportions to use
  • It is reliable with proven results

Other Merits;

  • You will just click to download, no stress at all
  • Your self esteem, image and confidence will be restored
  • New levels of sexual pleasurerock-hard-protocol
  • Restoration of marriage from wreck and divorce
  • There are free two bonuses that are just amazing
  • You will get all the instructions you need
  • There is 60 days money back guarantee
  • It is very straightforward, no complexities at all
  • This is a unique approach from a woman that makes the methods different and effective because it is the woman that complains about not getting satisfied more than men.
  • You can have sex at anytime you desire
  • Anna’s rock hard protocol review does not require any bizarre and stressful exercise and diet


  • You can only get it in electronic format
  • No short cut; you will be patient to see gratifying results though it works


Anna is not into this to make money or exploit you. She really has you and your wife at heart and has decided to give out two free bonus packages that will further spice up your sex life.


Bonus #1: All-Night Energy: How to have the sexual energy of 20 years old even if you are close to 120

By the time you would have used the Anna’s rock hard protocol download to cure erectile dysfunction, you will however be ready for more powerful and pleasurable sex regularly. This will require more energy especially since you are engaged in some things that also make a demand on your energy in your body and mind. This bonus will help you know how to get the extra and much needed energy to always deliver in the bedroom anytime.

Bonus #2: Sexual Superman: How to her the best sex of her life every single time

Every woman wants her man to be a superman especially a sexual superman. However as Anna’s program reverse erectile dysfunction, you will need to know how to get your partner to orgasm at all times. In this bonus, you will get practicable, workable and proven methods you can rely on all the time to give her mind blowing pleasure.

60 days Money Back Guarantee


You money will be refunded to you fully if for any reason you have a reservation. This should therefore tell you that there is absolutely nothing to hide and you do not have anything at all to lose if you rick giving this a trial.


With all the years and efforts of research that went into Anna’s rock hard protocol review, it should cost all a whole lot. And if it is to compare it with the prices if drugs, pumps and injections, it will be expensive. Anna is quite kind hearted and very considerate and the Anna’s rock hard protocol book is just $37. That is nothing compared to the money some men have spent on erectile dysfunction treatment. Your sexual life is worth more than this.


So much has been said to awaken you out of your denial and take that step you need to revolutionize your sexual life. You need to stop right where you are from the downward spiral your life is taking and take a turnaround because ED is not the end of you. This is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment that you can give a try with nothing to lose. You will not lose time, efforts or money. Rather you would have learnt in the whole process which nobody can take away from you. When you compare the risks you are currently exposed to and what you will continue to be exposed to, it is more than worth it to save yourself from all the negative effects of ED. Launch into your new life without ED NOW!

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