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Simple Exercise That Lowers Blood Pressure

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One of the most common illnesses that plague the human population is hypertension. Some years back, high blood pressure was thought to affect only the older folks. However, with time, both young and old have been plagued by high blood pressure.

Records have it, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, that over 50 Million Americans have high blood pressure. And the sad part of it is that high blood pressure raises your chances of developing heart attack and stroke.

In this regards, this blog post will shed light on simple exercise that can lower high blood pressure. The blood pressure protocol guide reveals that lifestyle and diet adjustment are key to lowering high blood pressure. Thus, we would like to shed light on some exercise move that can help lower high blood pressure.

The blood pressure protocol eBook reveals that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Thus the following are some simple, yet effective exercise to keep your blood pressure in normal range.

  1. Walking

Irrespective of your schedule and age, walking would probably fit into your schedule. The idea behind this is taking every available opportunity to walk. Thus:lower high blood pressure

  • Instead of the elevator, use the stairs
  • Trek to the grocery store
  • Take a walk to the park
  • Park a few distance to your destination and walk

As little as 30 minutes of walking per day can lower your blood pressure. And you can spice things up by engaging in brisk walking. Have in mind that you not only get to reduce high blood pressure; you also enjoy the benefit of exercise. Thus, you reduce stress, slow down aging and ultimately increase your lifespan!

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  1. Swimming

Swimming is perfect for folks of all ages. Swimming is perfect in that the upthrust force of the water supports your weight. It also stands out from another form of exercise as it doesn’t demand much from your body weight and muscle organ.

Swimming can help put you in good mood. It increases blood flow thus, reducing your chances of hypertension. Asides, being in water can lighten up your mood thus, putting you in good mood.

  1. Bike Riding

You can also lower your blood pressure via riding a bike at moderate intensity. It is recommended that you commence bike riding slowly. Go for a few miles before increasing the intensity. Biking, besides being fun has a lot of benefits. Whether it’s a stationary gas or normal bikes, you will get the same effect,

Asides reducing blood pressure, other benefits follow. Thus, the risk of obesity and diabetes reduces as well. This is one of the many lifestyle changes one can effect. Bear in mind that lowering high blood pressure centers on adjusting diet and life choices as revealed in the blood pressure protocol guide.

  1. Dancing

Asides enjoying the benefit of moderate workout, dancing is simply fun. Thus, you get to increase your heart rate while enjoying the beats of your favorite tunes. You could either join a dance class or have this in the comfort of your home.

You could spice things up via various dance steps like jumps, twirls, leaps etc. You could choose to dance with your partner or in a group. The collaborative effort of fellow dancers could serve as an inspiration. This, without a doubt, can also help reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

  1. Gardening

Mowing the lawn, keeping a garden etc, is a mild form of exercise that can help reduce high blood pressure. This exercise fits people of all ages. All you have got to do here is to get your hands dirty and break some sweat.

You not only get the benefit of a mild form of exercise but enjoy the benefit of being in touch with nature.

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There are many benefits that come with exercise. And part of it is the ability to reduce high blood pressure.  This is one of the many lifestyle changes needed to lower high blood pressure. Have it in mind that instead of taking conventional pills to lower blood pressure, going for natural and trusted method helps. Thus, the blood pressure protocol guide comes in handy.

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