Blood Pressure Protocol Review: How High Blood Pressure Comes

Factors That Makes You Prone to High Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure Protocol Review

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When we talk about high blood pressure, some folks think it has to do with diets high in salt. While this is right, the causes of high blood pressure go way more than that. Excessive stress and abuse of alcohol are some of the obvious cause. However, there are some less obvious causes of hypertension.

The blood pressure protocol reveals that as one age, the chances of developing high blood pressure increases. In fact, records have it that at the age of 55, the chances of developing high blood pressure increases by 90%. This is not to scare you. In fact, the blood pressure protocol review ebook stresses that adjustment in lifestyle is one major step in reducing high blood pressure.

blood pressure protocol review

This blog post is geared towards revealing some less obvious causes of high blood pressure. Most of this point centers on lifestyle adjustments.

  1. Excessive Sugar

Too much sugar does the body no good at all. Besides making you prone to high blood pressure, one might develop heart issues as well as the risk of diabetes. Thus, one of the main steps to reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure is to lower sugar intake. Besides, it is not only about sugar, foods that break down into sugar should also be reduced.

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  1. Sleep Apnea

Most times, sleep apnea goes without being discovered. The most obvious sign is snoring and restless night, This often precedes high blood pressure. Besides, according to the National Sleep Foundation, the Oxygen level of the body reduces. As a result, the brain in a bid to compensate for the oxygen deficiency instructs the nervous system to increase oxygen flow to the brain and heart.

This act makes the blood vessel tighten. All this makes you prone to high blood pressure. Besides, reduced sleep quality increases stress. This also joins to set the perfect stage for high blood pressure.

  1. Loneliness

Spending an excessive amount of time alone negatively affects your happiness and stress level. This, in turn, affects the blood pressure. This is especially true on folks above 50 years of age. Thus, spending time outdoors, with family and friends directly influences ones wellbeing.

This is because of the sense of realization gotten when around friends and loved ones. The blood pressure protocol review eBook also sheds more light on this.

  1. Excessive Stress

This is where adjusting lifestyle changes come in handy in lowering high blood pressure. The kind of lifestyle we lead has a major role to play in influencing stress. In this regard, the blood pressure protocol download places emphasis on adjusting lifestyle changes in order to lower blood pressure.

As a result, taking time and effort to combat stress would come in handy. Meditation, relaxation, exercise, reading etc, are simple yet effective ways to combat stress.

  1. A Sedentary Lifestyle

You not only grow fat when you are inactive, it also increases your chance of developing high blood pressure. Thus, the blood pressure protocol program advises that maintaining an active lifestyle can help lower high blood pressure.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cycling or walking to the grocery store instead of a cab would help. The blood pressure protocol download stresses that regular physical activities keep the blood vessels open. As a result, the veins and arteries pressure is kept at normal levels.

blood pressure protocol

As stressed in the opening paragraph, lowering high blood pressure has a lot to do with your choices. Thus, apart from adjusting your meal choices, most doctors would emphasize the need to change your lifestyle.

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