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Introduction to is a site that explains complicated networking topics and makes it simple and straight forward for you. It assists you in understanding complex networking protocols is dedicated in helping scholars that understand networking topics. René Molenaar explains things to be simplified in order to help those that pursue network engineer as a career and those who are desperate to pass the CCNA, CCNP, Cisco and CCIE exams. René Molenaar launched in 2013 because of his conversion from CCIE notes to blog post in other for others to benefit from it as well. It serves as a memory online and also assists in finding and discovering some commands. - Cisco Training Material eBook Online helps you understand complex networking protocols. Presented to you by René Molenaar - CCIE #41726

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René Molenaar – CCIE #41726, a permanent blogger, an instructor and consultant that works and operates with Cisco Routing & Switching, Security, Wireless, and a tiny bit of Microsoft. He started his business as Microsoft engineer, he spends most times troubleshooting and configuring servers. He did a networking equipment job which he enjoyed so well, he loved working CLI as well and ever since then, he was messing and playing around as DOS. He switched completely as he stopped working as the system engineer to networked, attracted and interested by the information he got about switching, routing, security and wireless. After a couple of years, he became Cisco Certified System Instructor (CCSI) teaching popular lecture series for wireless, routing and switching tracks. Years after, He started writing How to Master book series to solve some problems in his lectures. This books involves the part where he explains the networking theory as he normal does in class with his students. This book allows the learners to study for the exams at their own terms. He spends majority of his time as an instructor, a consultant and blogger nowadays and enjoys playing with python in his leisure time.

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IP SLA: a great device in which you take advantage of to make things like fixed routing more consistent and dependable. It can also be used as traffic generator and also to build up few traffic streams

Cisco CCIE R&S Book Reading List: in order to tackle CCIE R&S Lab, there are some informations you need to make sure you take in and absorb. This means you have to do some readings.

Cisco IOS Router Password Recovery: While you were busy doing some labs and you forgot your enable mode password, or peradventure another scholar was also working around the router and you didn’t have the slightest idea the password he used, you just need to reset your password on the routed you didn’t configure.

Static MAC Address Table Entry: normally, your switch will learn MAC address automatically as it also address the MAC address table by observing the source MAC address of flooding frames.

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Click Here to Download and Join Cisco Training Material NowClick Here to Download and Join Cisco Training Material Now

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