Bikini Body Program: Effective Diet Rule For a Bikini Body

Five Simple and Effective Diet Rule For a Bikini Body: Jen Feruggia Bikini Body Program

The bikini body program promises women a sexy beach body. Jen ferruggia capitalizes on some special workout move and diet adjustment to get a bikini body. This fat burning guide was designed to provide a way out to many people who crave a sexy beach body.

In other to get a sexy beach body, you have to combine the gym effort with the necessary diet plan. In just a couple of weeks, you can slim down following these principles. The bikini body program explains that the right diet with the exact workout moves is essential to getting a beach body.

  1. Avoid Emotional Eating

A lot of people are guilty of emotional eating even without knowing it. And without a doubt, this enhances fat gain in many areas of the body and sabotages your bikini body system goals. Thus, folks fond of eating when stressed, upset or bored are doing more harm than good.

Reaching for snacks at every slightest feel of hunger might not be the best as well. If at all you will snack, avoid processed foods or snacks filled with sugar. Instead, the bikini body program advised that snacks in this category:

  • Low-fat yoghurt
  • A tangerine
  • Pot fromage frais
  • Bananas
  • Nuts etc.

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bikini body program

  1. Always Be Hydrated

Every day, it is recommended that you consume at least 2 liters of water. Besides helping to get rid of swollen fat, it is a good way to keep your weight steady. Asides drinking water, juicing is also advised. This serves as a good replacement for the fruits and vegetables lost while cooking them.

A fresh juice every morning can serve as a bikini detox. While you can use alcoholic beverages, others with high-calorie content should not be used.

  1. Stay Away from Junks

As often as possible, bank mainly on home cooked meals. And reduce processed and ready-made food to the barest minimum. Have in mind that processed foods would likely contain preservative and salt. This will not help your bikini body program

Besides, more often than not, most fast and preserved foods could have lost their nutrients during manufacturing. Thus, to enhance your bikini body goals, make home cook meals a habit.

  1. Go With Belly Busting breakfast

In a bid to make your bikini body goal a success, your breakfast should help not contain fat. The following food items are recommended:

  • Your fresh fruit salad can be laced with chopped nuts and low-fat yogurt
  • Granary toast containing poached eggs without butter
  • An apple combined with a semi-skilled milk to form a banana smoothie
  • You could also have sardines with granary toast.

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  1. Make Your Lunch Lighter

You do not need a heavy food at night. Eating excessively at night leads to a deposit of fats in the body. Thus, you risk sabotaging your weight loss and bikini body goals. The following meal choices is essential at night

  • Oriental vegetable servings dressed in salmon or tuna spiced up with chili
  • A low-fat fruits yogurt, just one
  • Salad leaves, tomato, and low-fat mayo to form a prawn sandwich.
  • With a red onion salad and tomato, you can spice up a smoked turkey
  • Spice up a jacket tomato with chopped red pepper and a cottage cheese.


All in all, the idea behind making your bikini body program goal a reality is to cut back carbs and fat. The meal choices should revolve around lean protein which is fish and poultry. Thus, you will not only get to burn calories but also build lean muscle.

The bikini body system is a program dedicated to helping women gain a sexy beach body. As indicated above, it centers workout program and nutrition guide to help build a sexy body.

bikini body program

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