eBook Self Publishing Secrets Review by Karon Beattie – eBook Self Publishing

eBook Self Publishing Secrets by Karon Beattie – eBook Self Publishing

Introduction to eBook Self Publishing Secrets

Is it really possible to make money self-publishing eBooks online? Making money online has been a hyped venture over the years and you are probably wondering if the claims of people are true about how well they have been able to raise their means via online business. Well, there is no doubt that some of these testifiers are out there, trying to sell tips that are void of any help to you. Nonetheless, here is one book in which someone who has been in the same shoes, fought the same battle, and earned money online speaking the truth… eBook Self Publishing Secrets! The author of eBook Self Publishing Secrets starts by admitting that you are not going to make a million dollars overnight. She then leads you on to how you can set-up your own e-book online business with no need for seminars, systems or software while staying true to your beliefs, morals ,integrity and passion.

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Download eBook Self Publishing Secrets Guide NowHow eBook Self Publishing Secrets Came to Be?

The author of eBook Self Publishing Secrets got into eBook writing through her passion for natural healing methods. Her first eBook was a simple one about the Buteyko breathing method which she discovered got her off all the asthma drugs she was taking. Her second eBook was a collection of studies of gentle, complementary cancer approaches she researched, for patients to discuss with their family and treating physicians. To market the eBooks, she discovered another requisite for success in the field- internet marketing. Internet marketing is a system to analyze and identify what gets results fast. She had not discovered this treasure of knowledge when she published her first eBook and this is why it took her YEARS to uncover the secrets she is sharing with you in eBook Self Publishing Secrets Her professional training as an IT consultant also gave her the skills to unearth these secrets.

What is Incorporated into eBook Self Publishing Secrets?

With no previous writing experience, this eBook Self Publishing Secrets helps you to discover insiders’ shortcuts to create a non-fiction eBook quickly. With no previous internet marketing experience, it allows you to benefit from the author’s years and thousands of dollars spent finding what works. With no need for expensive seminars, systems and software, you can stay true to your morals, beliefs, and integrity while still making good money online.

When you invest in this eBook Self Publishing Secrets, you will be spending your fortune in the most-comprehensive, easy to use, simple baby steps system available on the internet today. Without worrying about returning to school for an advanced degree (because all you’ll need is a 7th grade writing level and the ability to follow step by step directions), without an established reputation as an expert in your (or any) field and without thousands of dollars set aside to “generate huge website traffic”, you will be able learn how to use some extra support to generate the income that allows life-changing missions to continue.

Download eBook Self Publishing Secrets Guide Now

Download eBook Self Publishing Secrets Guide NowThe Several Contents of eBook Self Publishing Secrets?

Having spent more than 5 years to create, honing and making my best to perfect this proven system, the author of eBook Self Publishing Secrets presents you with a no-hassle step in the entire process. This process includes investing in your own business with the purchase of the guide, acquiring a search engine friendly website name and creating an intriguing eBook cover image.

It also includes how you can get your first month of website hosting bonus and your first month of professional auto-responder service. The eBook Self Publishing Secrets is designed to be affordable for the ordinary person and it took the author more than 5 years to construct. It also makes use of an abundance of step-by-step screenshots which breaks down every click you make so that you will know you’re performing the right action every time.

In essence, this wonderful eBook Self Publishing Secrets allows you to set up your business, create your eBook and plan your website in the least expensive way. It also lets you in on how to craft high-converting sales copy that attracts, resonates, and connects with your new customer. Plus, you’ll discover how to create more profit with every sale with my unique section on identifying products to upsell.

Download eBook Self Publishing Secrets Guide Now

Any Disadvantage attached to eBook Self Publishing Secrets

There is absolutely no disadvantage of using this book as every reader stands to benefit from the wealth of experience of the author who has served as consultant and analyst in different capacities over the past few years.

The Positioning of eBook Self Publishing Secrets

The author is renowned as an E-book author. On one of her first books, Bill Henderson (the respected author of Cancer Free) gave the testimonial: “The best reference eBook on alternative Cancer Treatment”. There are a lot of feedbacks from the people who have used the eBooks and that also attest to the usefulness of the author’s e-books, describing them as ‘life changing” and “an answer to prayer”.

Download eBook Self Publishing Secrets Guide NowDownload eBook Self Publishing Secrets Guide Now

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