INTRODUCTION – The Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System

Being a mom is an amazing experience every woman craves to have. The experience of pregnancy for nine months and even after childbirth always leaves their marks on the woman. Most moms add some weight during pregnancy which is normal and this is always hard to shedfit yummy mummy fat loss after childbirth because some more fats are also added. This makes a remarkable difference from who you were before pregnancy and after. Moms have also been bothered about how to trim and look sexy back even after childbirth. The major issue however is not even general body fat but the stomach will not just shrink back; it just has some funny size even when a child is out of the womb.

The stretching effect of the womb on the stomach is significant and shrinking back will not just happen without you doing something. You might have tried some exercise and have failed both yourself and the program. This fit yummy mummy fat loss review is therefore just what you need; it is the solution to becoming a yummy mom. You will need to continue reading to find out all that you need to move from where you are now to the new desirable you.

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fit yummy mummy fat lossThe author of the fit yummy mummy is Holly Rigby. She is a mom with two kids and she has a wonderful physique. The fit yummy mummy PDF is a credible program because it was formulated by another who has had firsthand experience and understands perfectly what you is going on in your body and she and many other moms that have benefited from the fit yummy mummy fat loss system are living testimonies.

After childbirth, she desired to have a great body and having tried different things, she just couldn’t achieve this. The demands of being a mom leaves you exhausted after the day’s work; this means no more energy to do any workout. You barely even have time for yourself.

The fit yummy mummy PDF has put all these into consideration is perfectly suited to meet your needs. It is a product of thorough research with scientific basis.


So much happens to a woman at pregnancy. A lot of physical and emotional changes go on in the body. One of the prominent changes is the protruding belly and increase in weight and fat. The increase in the size of the womb as the baby grows places a demand on the stomach and other nearby organs. This causes a stretching. So much fat is added to supply energy in days to come after childbirth as a result of some hormonal changes in the body.

A lot of changes however happen in the different systems of your body to accommodate the new life growing inside you. Your muscles and skin stretch to give space to the growing baby. The energy exertion that happens in the process of delivery leaves you very tired. Being unable to do some strenuous things after delivery and with so much to do as a mom; you can’t help but resume your normal duties.

You have a baby to nurture, a family to raise,  spouse to love, a work to be done, assignments and projects to be submitted, shopping to do, cooking and washing, cleaning and other chores; all these leave you exhausted. You barely go through the day waiting for night to just come. You fall on the bed and sleep like a log of wood and our baby wakes you up to the reality that he is around. This makes you not to get the much needed rest. With all these you do not have time to try anything you do not have a guarantee that it will work.

There is a myth out there that says that you can’t remain the same after been a mom. The fact is that with the fit yummy mummy fat loss system, you can have not just your former body but a greater one. Isn’t that great news?

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The fit yummy mummy fat loss system is a diet and exercise program that is focused on helping you have a great body. You stomach and other parts of your body can be changed from been flabby.

The fit yummy mummy fat loss system will offer you all you need to achieve your fitness goal. The programs in the fit yummy mummy PDF are specially designed with you in mind. You do not have anything to fear because you will enjoy many things. The fit yummy mummy PDF contains different parts like

  1. Introductionfit yummy mummy fat loss
  2. The fit yummy mummy diet plan
  3. The fit yummy mummy exercise
  4. The three secrets for being a fit yummy mummy

The introduction gives you a background knowledge about yourself and what you are about to do, about the fit yummy mummy program, what to expect and how you can enjoy the whole journey.

The fit yummy mummy diet plan is different in its own way because it educates you about the things that are important as regards your diet/ it tells you what you should not be strict about what you eat. The fit yummy mummy diet plan is not about eating some particular things but also helps you to cultivate the habit of planning healthy meals for yourself. This habit will definitely sustain the result you will get, is good for your overall wellness and your family will immensely benefit from it. You will learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals. Your will also he helped to figure out what amounts of calorie is good for your consumption.

The fit yummy mummy exercise plan requires a 90 minutes workout per week which is absolutely up to you to plan at your convenience with proper insight into your schedule. The fit yummy mummy exercise plan therefore focuses on HIT- High Intensity Training which helps you to have time to rest after some serious workouts. In this way you can therefore burn fat faster as your body uses it up readily. This fit yummy PDF workouts demonstration looks easy to follow. You will also learn how to build muscles the way it will be perfect for your body.

You will have to get the fit yummy mummy PDF to know the three secrets Holly Rigsby exposes that are essential for weight loss and having a great body. Therefore they will answer some mind bogging questions on failure of some weight loss plans. This will help you work with a focus in the right direction and hence you will avoid repeating same mistakes or do the wrong things.


  • It is a very flexible structure and you can plan when and for how long your workouts will be depending on your schedule
  • You do not need any money to register with any club for membership
  • The exercise regimen is not stringent and is just focused on your needs
  • This makes you do not need any special or expensive equipment
  • There are illustrations provided and you are not left to yummy mummy fat loss
  • It is very easy to follow the fit yummy mummy plan
  • The fit yummy mummy fat loss system pays so much attention to details just to deliver excellent results
  • This is specifically designed for busy moms
  • The writing style is very interactive and simple
  • The author gives you a follow up and is available to answer your questions with prompt reply



  • It is in an electronic form
  • It is not a quick fix system; you will be consistent to get result


Holly was very generous in giving some materials along with the fit yummy mummy PDF which are very helpful for your daily life

  • Goal setting sheetfit yummy mummy fat loss
  • Fitness journal
  • Exercise description
  • Ready made grocery store



Holly and over 250 women have used and proven the efficiency of the fit yummy mummy fat loss system. Their stories will encourage you and make you know that your condition is not hopeless or impossible. Here are few of them

  • Bekah T. used the fit yummy mummy PDF and she was not only able to transform her body but she now has a better pre-baby body. Her attitude towards health and fitness has radically changed positively.
  • Christy D. had a lot of struggle in the past with her weight but with the fit yummy mummy program she was able to lose over 15 lbs in 12 weeks. She found a new dream with the strength to achieve it. She has a new body that makes her feel great about herself.
  • Christina J. lost 27 lbs in 12 weeks which is a great deal; thanks to the fit yummy mummy system. She is now able to wear her wedding ring and feel so cool having it on. Her self esteem has taken a new turn too.

The list can keeping going on and on; But, now is the time to make the decision and act!


Holly is just so endearing. With so much confidence in the fit yummy mummy fat loss system, she has made available a way to get your money back conveniently without any kind of hassle. However, she is so sure of the fit yummy mummy PDF and she has done this with nothing to fear

With all these hope and wonderful soul lifting promises, how much is the fit yummy mummy fat loss system? The price will beat your imagination! The fit yummy mummy fat loss system is just $19.95. Thus, this is just a click away and it will be delivery to you instantly; no time wasting. This is because Holly wants you to be able to afford it and not give the excuse of not having money. She is also a mom, a busy mom at that and understands that raising a home can be very demanding economically and with this consideration; she has however decided to make it easy for you. Isn’t that wonderful? You should grab this great opportunity right now!

This case has strings attached in your name. The embarrassment, low self esteem, wrong investment of time, energy and hard earned money on wrong fitness programs caused by your big belly causes you can be stopped; in fact, you can put an end to all that now! The best solution you can however get is the fit yummy mummy program designed with all your challenges as a woman at heart. You do not need to waste any more time thinking. The fit yummy mummy fat loss system will work for you; yes, it will work for you.

No more procrastination dear; you great new body is waiting for you. Imagine the new you and the turnaround in your entire life. Your spouse will find you more appealing, you will be very smart in your carriage, the strength and tenacity gained here can be channeled to pursuing greater heights in your career, you will have the alertness in your mind to think of new ideas and break new grounds, your children will be healthier with the good and delicious meals you will prepare for them and you can stretch yourself to do much more than you have ever done in the past.

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