How to Lower High Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure Protocol Review

Five Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure without Medication

High blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions that plague our present generation. It is a complicated ailment that triggers other dangerous health complications like stroke, heart attack etc. In this regard, it is essential to do all in your capacity to lower high blood pressure.

Many people, feel taking medication is the best approach to lower high blood pressure. While this might be effective, it comes with a side effect. However, the blood pressure protocol eBook reveals that adjusting lifestyle choices and changes in diet are the most appropriate approach to lower blood pressure.

In this regard, this post will explain five major yet effective approach one can take to reduce high blood pressure. Most of the recommended approach described here can be practiced in your home.

  1. Try and Lose Weight

The chance of developing high blood pressure increases with excess weight. Besides, excess weight triggers difficulty in breathing during sleep. This further increases the chance of high blood pressure.Lower High Blood Pressure

One of the lifestyle changes recommended by the blood pressure protocol download is to lose weight. In fact, as little as 10 pounds can have a significant reduction in the blood pressure. It is equally important to be careful of body parts that are prone to excess weight, especially the waistline.

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  1. Increase Your regular Exercise

It is encouraged that one engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week. This can have a significant reduction in the blood pressure. Besides, consistency is the key here to keep hypertension at bay. Exercise is so important that the blood pressure protocol guide reveals that it can prevent high blood pressure.

The best part is that you do not have to get a gym membership to lower blood pressure. Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and even yoga all help reduce high blood pressure.

  1. Healthy Meals Only

In other to lower high blood pressure, one’s diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and cholesterol. It might not be so easy to switch to a new diet. However, the blood pressure protocol system has diet plans designed to help users. Besides, the following tips can help develop a healthy diet:

  • For at least a week, keep track of your meals.
  • Consume more of potassium; it counters the effect of sodium on blood pressure.
  • Stick with health food while shopping.


  1. Make Effort to Reduce Stress

Excessive stress is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure. Stress affects almost everyone as the demands of life, work, finances, illness, and family can get overwhelming at times. Besides, the way one reacts to stress also contribute to one’s blood pressure.

In this regard, it is important to take conscious effort to combat stress. Asides think about what causes stress in your life and develop a healthy coping strategy. While it might not be possible to avoid stress, healthy coping strategy comes to play. Some common yet effective means to combat stress are:

  • Identify your stress triggers
  • Make time to relax daily
  • Exercise
  • Practice gratitude
  • Go for a walk
  • Maintain a garden


  1. Limit the Intake of Sodium

A little reduction in sodium content of your meal can have a drastic effect on the blood pressure. This is one of the lifestyle changes one needs to adopt in order to lower high blood pressure. The following tips can help limit sodium consumption:

  • Pay attention to food labels
  • Reduce dependency on processed foods
  • Avoid using salt in foods

Lower High Blood Pressure

It is possible to reduce high blood pressure without medication. Your will to make this a success also counts. In this regard, following the above recommendations religiously will set you on the path to success. Besides, the blood pressure protocol stresses that lifestyle changes play a key role in reducing blood pressure.

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