Short Game Secret – Short Game Improvement Program Review

The Short Game Improvement Program Review – 1 Short Game Secret

1 Short Game Secret Improvement Program Review

If you often fat or thin your chip shots leaving yourself with a long putt or even another chip; if you consistently struggle to hit your bunker shots close to the hole or loose confidence to get the ball next to the pin; if you would like to play every short game you face with confidence and authority knowing that you are going to get your ball close to the hole, then the short game improvement program is meant for you.

Are you discouraged because all the pieces of advice you get from professional golfers have not been working? Getting so much information is not as crucial as getting that crucial piece of information and that exactly is what makes Short Game Improvement Program the solution to your problem. The short game improvement program will not give you all the common pieces flying around about how to get a great game, it just gives the crucial piece of information that is needed to cheat a system that has programed you for short game failure. Note that this Short Game Improvement Program was not born out of some abstract theory, for Jeff Richmond who is the director of Instruction for online consistent golf schooled struggled too like you are doing with the short game for 5 yrs. Talk about thinning or flatting the ball; chucking chip shots and what have you. He has been there. In fact, he had a very solid ball striking game (pro standard) but short game? Was nowhere near the level of his ball striking? What this Short Game Improvement Program shares with you is what Jeff found out by accident while practicing 1 day and it is sure to change your short game the way it did for Jeff. This discovery led to saving par consistently, making bird less on the par five and ultimate less pressure.

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Having a solid foundation is important. Many probably do not even understand what a short game is all about and some likely confuse short game with putting. Short Game Improvement Program treats short game as a separate game all by itself and teaches you one simple thing you need to focus on to become great in chipping, pitching, distance wedges (shots between 30 to 100 yards in length) and bunker shots which are all that make up the short game. Consistency and confidence are important for a great game and these, you will learn to develop by going through the Short Game Improvement Program. It is possible to play and enjoy a great game.

Short Game Improvement Program Review: Benefits

The Short Game Improvement Program combines text, photos, audio and video (where necessary) to put you on top of your game. Starting from the first lesson, you will discover why chipping is the easiest motion in golf next to putting and how you can make chipping as simple as putting; you will learn exactly what a chipshot is and two things you must do for every chipshot to help ensure a great chip shot. You will discover the missing link that is responsible for the bad short game that you have become used to.

Through this Short Game Improvement Program, not only are you bound to discover 10 setup points for pitching success so you know exactly how to setup to almost guarantee your great pitch shots, you will also discover 7 setup points for chipping success so you can always setup to a chip shot the same way such that you have the best chance of getting the ball into the hole for every chip shot.

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There are a lot of tips to improve every aspect of the short game but they could end up confusing you. This Short Game Improvement Program gives you the advantage of focus by giving you 1 simple thing that you need. Before now, the Short Game Improvement Program was part of the online consistent golf school and has only just been made available to the public. Golfers have paid $222 for this program and taken 6 months to go through it but you can work through it at your own pace. It would not just give you tips but is a complete step-by-step system showing you how to implement the secret into all aspects of your short game. The Short Game Improvement Program System promises to teach you three things (that virtually no one talks about) which you need to focus on, how to practice your chipping in the most efficient and best way possible, the correct chipping motion that allows hitting great chip shots, how you can use a screwdriver to massively improve your chipping consistency and a lot more. All these can be gotten in the Short Game Improvement Program (PDF format and online videos for your convenience)

So far, there have been testimonies about how much the program helps. The package includes free gifts like free help and support from a golf professional, one free video review, Top Secret Golfing Confidence Audio and How To Get Out of Bunkers First Time Every Time…Close To The Hole.

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