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Introduction to Amazing Book of Prayers

Amazing Book of Prayers is an eBook that offers you relevant prayers that brings encouragement in any event or occasion. If you are interested in learning different relevant prayers, The Amazing Book of Prayer is the best book you need. God has called us to himself for a good relationship. The kind of relationship I mean is the one that involves a sincere communication. Prayer is like a communication tool between God and his beloved people (you and me). As Jeremiah 29: 12-13 says, “In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me committed, you will find me”. It is God’s desire to be in a relationship with us and he is concerned and aware of whatever it is we need and want. We experience amazing life-transforming, a new life renewing intimacy with the creator of the universe through prayers. The Amazing Book of Prayers is an eBook written to provide resource of prayers relevant to the varied occasions to all believers they encounter in Christian ministry and life.

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CATEGORY: Christianity

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The Amazing Book of Prayers is planned to supplement existing books and worship resources you may use regularly or to be used as a quick reference during an unexpected moment. There is awareness that prayer amount to a significant dimension of ministry for ordained clergy, church in members and believers who love and feel the need to be more prayerful. Many occasions do call for prayer will occur in one’s life but the scope and emphasis of each will vary significantly. Therefore, our focus in the amazing book of prayers is to offer prayers for almost every significant event throughout the year to be used in ways you see fit. God reveals Himself to us through our prayers. We also tend to learn more and more about His personal character and how His perfect will is working itself out in our own life. Deepening our unique understanding of God also strongly deepens our faith and our huge desire to worship and praise the God. Through our prayers, people reach out to the Lord and we are met by God at their point of need.

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You will not be limited with the amazing book of prayers resources, if you want to stand before a society, group, organization or gathering with confidence, save valuable time, and sound like an expert professional while praying at any event or occasion, then this Amazing Book of Prayers is the most important eBook for you. Here is the reason behind it, the Amazing Book of Prayers will offer you to everything you need and desire to deliver a genuine, timely prayer for all events and special activities from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. In fact, the unique selection of prayers begins with events in January till December.

The prayer expressions involved in this Amazing Book of Prayers eBook are designed to make difference, inspire creative thought, to evoke what the heart feels and to bring encouragement and assurance to all people. God is inviting us to bring our burdens and needs to Him in prayers. In the Gospel of Matthew 11:28 “God tells us to come to me, all of who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest”. We do have a Heavenly Father more than being able to bring victory to any challenges we face. God is a spiritual and physical leader. Like any healthy relationship, we must keep communication line open.

Contents of Amazing Book of Prayers

A prayer is stated for every occasion. They are as thus; New Year’s Day, Benedictions, Day, President’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Mother & Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Pastoral Prayers, and this goes on like this. God surely responds to the prayers of his beloved ones. As written in the book of James 5:16 that “prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful result”. His work is accomplished on earth through prayer.

Click Here to Download Amazing Book of Prayers e BookClick Here to Download Amazing Book of Prayers e Book

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