The Ayurveda Experience eBook by Lissa Coffey Review

Introduction to the Ayurveda Experience and Dosha Testing

Welcome to The Ayurveda Experience and Dohsa Test Review with Lissa Coffey. Many people are looking for solutions to their mental, emotional and physical problems, and they have tried everything that they know how to do without recording any level of success. Medicine has also failed in giving them an appropriate answer to these important questions in their lives, this has left a lot of people confused without knowing what to do. Medicine which is supposed to be the last hope when these questions arise and also help proffer tangible solutioThe Ayurveda Experience eBook by Lissa Coffey Reviewns, is limited to a certain extent and cannot provide all the answers all the time. Well the failure of medicine to proffer these solutions, as led people to taking refuge in the Ayurveda Medicine which is based on discovering your specific Dosha, which are of three types and learning how to use these doshas in making your life better physically, emotionally and mentally. The Ayurveda experience is a practical alternative to conventional medicine and a way out for people who are looking for solution to problems that conventional medicine cannot just provide. The Ayurveda experience is designed to help you solve problems that are beyond you such as unhappiness, discontent, constant fatigue, obesity, and moodiness. By employing the principles of this program, you would get the appropriate solution that you are looking for and stay permanently happy, strong, alert and well.

The Ayurveda Experience would ensure that…

  • You discover your real personality and your specific dosha combination that is unique to you and no one else.
  • You deal with the root cause of all your physical and mental discomforts
  • You uncover the mystery behind certain problems that you seem to be facing all the time, this is called understanding your “Prakuti”. This system would also help you find solutions by rectifying “Vikruti” or “Personal Imbalance” using proven natural methods.
  • You discover why you and other people around you behave the way they do and how to reduce negative attributes in your relationship.
  • Find the way you can use the secrets in the Ayurveda experience to make your life better and live a healthier, happier and satisfying life.

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The Ayurveda Experience

Ayurveda medicine that you are about learn about in this program is a holistic approach to medicine that seeks to treat the root causes of medical problems that we might think are just based on physical problems alone. The Ayurveda system brings you a whole new style of viewing problems and predicaments that might befall you. This system was developed by Deepak Chopra, an ancient style of medicine that has been around for quite a while now. Its system can be dated to as far back as 5,000 years and it birthed the most recent belief systems like Buddhism, Tibetan medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. The Concept of Ayurveda can be very confusing and most times the programs that try to explain it, do a very bad job and hence leave you more confused than you were before you started. The Ayurveda Experience program seeks to bridge this gap and create the necessary tools you need to fully understand and grasp all what Ayurveda has to offer. Understanding your Dosha (energies that flow within your body) is quite easy when you apply the principles and techniques that you would learn in this guide. The program would not only help you understand your Dosha, but it would also help learn how to use them in your quest to get a better life and health.

Buying into the principles of this system means that you would save money that you would originally spend on Ayurveda training sessions. These sessions can be quite expensive, according to my research, you would have to spend close to $1750 per session. But the Ayurveda Experience program will give you a better knowledge of Ayurveda and how to channel it into your life to make it better at a very cheap rate

Brief Fact about the Program

PRODUCT: Ayurveda ExperienceThe Ayurveda Experience eBook by Lissa Coffey Review

AUTHOR: Lissa Coffey

FORMAT: Online courses and eBooks

CATEGORY: Health and Fitness

RATING: 5 stars

RANKING: Best Seller


Product Description: The Ayurveda Experience is a comprehensive guide to helping you understand the intricacies of the Ayurveda Medicine system. It seeks to help people who subscribe to its system get a better life and overcome their anxiety, depression and fatigue problems. It also helps people in their quest to finally overcome the root cause of their constant illnesses and bad medical condition. The guide is quite affordable so it provides a very good alternative to all the expensive Ayurveda Training sessions that you would find in the open market. The Principles of the Ayurveda experience will give you a suitable alternative to the failures of conventional medicine and offer you a way out of a condition that you thought no doctor or person could understand.

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Working Principles of the Program

One point of confusion that most people might arrive at, is that point where they do not know whether they need the service of the Ayurveda Medicine or not. Well if you fall into the following categories, you definitely need the services of the Ayurveda Medicine and its procedures;

  • If conventional medicine has failed you and just don’t seem to get the kind of result that you are looking for.
  • If you are tired of using fad diets and makeovers without getting the kind of results that you are looking for.

The Ayurveda Experience would help you solve all your emotion related issues, with long lasting and satisfying impressions that you simply cannot get any where else. The program is broken down into 7 modules that explains the different aspects of Ayurveda clearly. This modules contain guides that would help you know exactly what to do when you are trying to perform a recommended practice in the program. Ayurveda medicine might seem like a way to only improve your health mentally, emotionally and physically, but it also has a lasting positive impact on your relationships.

Purchasing the program is quite easy, you can do that on the official website for a particular subsidized price that you would definitely find amusing and irresistible. You have the physical copy of the Ayurveda Experience which would get to you as soon as your payment has been confirmed. The soft copy of the product would also be available for download if you choose the soft format of the program. The efficacy of the program has been proven and attested to by a lot of professionals, some of them include;

  1. William levacy (author of Vedic Astrology, Simply Put)
  2. Candace Pert (PhD, author of Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine)

I have to state clearly here that your approach to this program would determine the kind of experience that you would have with the program. If you take it seriously, it is only a matter of time before you start reaping the dividends of the product. But if you take it with the hands of levity, you would just be putting your money into another unfruitful venture again.

The Ayurveda Experience eBook by Lissa Coffey Review


Changing your lifestyle and health, is easy as long as you know the right procedures that you would use. The Ayurveda Experience is the right step in the right direction for you and any one would purchase the program, and makes use of it techniques and procedures.

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