John Barban Venus Factor Diet Program Review

Foods That Increase leptin Sensitivity: The Venus Factor Diet Program

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This writes up explains the venus factor diet program review.

Many people believe that the key to losing weight lies in how hard they exercise and diet. However, at times, all that is needed could be a reconfiguration of the weight loss hormone in the body. The Venus factor diet program provides another angle to weight loss, especially for women. It reveals that excessive weight gain is most times the result of a systemic imbalance of the hormones. Thus, the body literally prevents you from losing weight.

The Venus Factor diet pdf revealed that the hormone responsible for this is the hormone leptin. It indirectly controls your eating habit as it reveals to you when you are full. Secreted by the fat cells, leptin is meant to tell you when to stop eating.

The Venus factor download reveals that everybody has leptin. The difficult part, however, is that the body has to listen to it to attain a healthy weight. In other words, the body can fail to pick up the signals sent by leptin.

What Is Leptin: BAsis of the Venus Factor Diet Program?

It is a type of hormone produced by the fat cells. The Venus factor program stresses that leptin is responsible for signaling to the fat cells when to stop eating. It also triggers your metabolism to encourage the fat burning process.

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Leptin increases as food intake increases. Thus once your fat cells are filled with food, leptin is necessary to curb appetite. Overweight people face the danger of excessive leptin levels. The venus factor diet reveals that high leptin levels could trigger high blood sugar and insulin levels.

Thus, excessive leptin levels could actually provide the reverse effect – decreasing leptin sensitivity. This leads to hunger and excessive cravings which don’t help your weight loss efforts.

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Can You get Leptin from Foods?

John Barban of the Venus factor eBook reveals that certain foods contain leptin. However, such food might not help as the intestine cannot absorb leptin. At best, what those foods can do is to increase how sensitive the body is to leptin.

In this regards, people that desire to lose weight should focus on consuming more foods that help with leptin sensitivity. The venus factor program reveals that such foods do more than improving leptin sensitivity. They also help trigger an effective metabolism which translates to an optimum body weight with decreased food cravings.

Top Foods to Increase Leptin Sensitivity: Venus Factor Diet

As established above, foods will not give you extra leptin. The best they can and will do for your body is to make it more sensitive to the leading of leptin. Thus, the body is able to listen and interprets messages from leptin effectively:

  1. Protein

Protein is among the top foods that help leptin sensitivity in the body. Consuming adequate protein energizes your body. The Venus factor program stresses that it also increases your leptin level keeping you full for longer. Eggs, beans, fish etc are rich sources of protein.

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  1. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is rich in many useful minerals and vitamins. These vitamins according to John Barban of the Venus factor diet contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acid is one of the best food to improve the body’s sensitivity to leptin. Thus, consuming fatty fish is a good way to maintain optimum weight and enjoy improved metabolism.

  1. Foods rich in Zinc

Quite a number of scientific research has established the link between zinc deficiency and leptin deficiency. Thus, people lacking in zinc tends to experience low leptin levels. Besides, John Barban of the Venus Factor workout download revealed that obese people do suffer from zinc. Thus, increasing the body’s amount of zinc is a terrific idea. Foods in such category are seafood, pumpkin, beef, cocoa, nuts etc.

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  1. Vegetables

Leafy greens and vegetables are rich in essential nutrients that the body needs. Most of these nutrients are known to boost leptin sensitivity. Thus, spinach, broccoli, kale etc, provide the body with nutrients example fiber. Fibers help reduce cholesterol levels and also boost leptin sensitivity.

It has been established that food will help make the body more sensitive to leptin. Increasing leptin sensitivity is a unique way of controlling excessive weight that is alien to many weight loss program. The Venus factor workout download sheds more light on this.

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