Venus Factor eBook Review: Eating to Boost Leptin Sensitivity

Eating Rules to Boost Leptin Sensitivity: The Venus Factor eBook Review

This workout discusses the Venus factor eBook review.

After about 5 years of reviewing weight loss programs, I stumbled on the venus factor program. This weight loss program provided a unique yet effective method for women to lose weight. It addresses the root of weight gain in women. According to the Venus Factor eBook, there is a hormone called Leptin. The proper functioning of this hormone will determine if users will enjoy optimum weight loss or not.

As a result, it is essential to do all in your capacity to keep your leptin levels optimized. The Venus Factor review revealed that Leptin cannot be gotten from food. However, users can develop habits that will boost the body’s sensitivity to leptin. In other words, there are simple eating rules one can follow to derive more energy from less food.

The idea behind these rules is not in calorie manipulation or starvation. The idea is to develop an eating habit that will help your weight loss goals. Some of the rules are discussed below:

  1. Avoid Eating After Dinner

Besides, avoid going to bed on a full stomach and your dinner should come at least 3 hours prior to bed. Evening hours is the time when leptin levels are higher. It is during this period that it sets the time for nighttime repairs. It helps the body burn fat at the maximum rate which could be interrupted with late night food.Venus factor eBook

But if your leptin level isn’t working well, you will always find an excuse to eat even when you know you are full. These cravings are signs of a misguided leptin level.

  1. Stick With Three Meals Per Day

Also, avoid snacking and leave an average of 5-hour interval between meals. There are times in the day when small fat blobs are expelled from the blood. If they are not cleared, the prevent leptin from being registered properly in the brain. John Barban of the Venus Factor eBook revealed that this without a doubt translates into leptin resistance. What this implies is that Leptin is unable to register properly in the brain thus cannot control your eating habit.

The effect of this is glaring – you tend to overeat which confuses your metabolism. Although many weight loss program advises users to snack during meals, it is not really recommended. The Venus Factor system explains that snacking causes the leptin to malfunction. This might be the gateway to obesity.

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  1. Stay Away From Large Meals

The Venus Factor diet advises that when trying to lose weight, it is better not to wait till you are full before you stop eating. If you do this, in a couple of minutes, you are bound to feel full. In fact, John revealed in the Venus Factor diet that this formed the basis of the slim French population before they were invaded by the American junk food.

As long as you are not giving out a vast amount of energy, large meals are not necessary. It will hinder leptin sensitivity. Irrespective of the composition of your food – carbohydrate, fats or protein, large meals poisons your body

  1. Include protein in Your breakfast

Protein is essential for improved metabolism. In fact, a high protein meal will give you the same fat burning effect of a 2-mile jog as revealed in the Venus factor download. It should be pointed out that a high carb meal doesn’t boost metabolism for more than 4% even if it goes with little protein.

Venus factor eBook

Folks who struggle with energy and food cravings should increase their carbohydrate intake. Eggs, beans, cottage cheese etc ate terrific sources of protein. These servings should be complemented with little carbohydrate to make a balanced diet. Protein works well for your metabolism, and the Venus factor review states that it will keep you going for long, longer than a high carbohydrate diet.

  1. Cut The Amount of Carbs Intake

Carbohydrates are equally important for the body. The idea behind boosting leptin sensitivity is a balanced diet while capitalizing on protein. The Venus Factor eBook revealed that most obese people consume way more carbohydrates. They so much overload carbohydrates that their body is not able to metabolize it all. The idea is to maintain stability between carbs and protein. In other words, your meat, turkey, eggs and beans etc, should complement the potatoes, fruits, squash, rice, and bread.


One thing I want users to take from this write-up is that what you eat matters as much as when you eat. Your eating habit triggers various hormones thus; you have got to throw the right one at the right time. The Venus factor pdf download reveals that eating to boost protein sensitivity will increase your energy level, boost fat burning and expel cravings.

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