The Venus Factor Review: Ways to Improve Leptin Sensitiviy

Keys to Improve Leptin Sensitivity: The Venus Factor Review

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There has been weight loss program that seeks to explore the basis of weight gain and loss. However, the Venus Factor eBook throws another light on how the body loses and gain weight. It is the concept of the hormone leptin.

Even with high levels of leptin in the body, should there be leptin resistance, the body will gain weight. Thus, leptin resistance is one of the leading causes of excess body weight. Leptin is essential in the body, which is produced according to the proportion of the body size. This means obese people have really high levels of leptin. However, it does not function as it ought to. Thus it is when you have leptin resistance that you get increased appetite and low energy levels.

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It is in this regard that this Venus factor review seeks to explore the mechanism for improving leptin sensitivity.

  1. Eat Light at Night

The body in a bid to remain homeostasis triggers leptin resistance with high levels of the hormone. When you overeat, there is a high level of leptin which makes it difficult to lose weight.

This is a warning to folks who do not care about their weight until it becomes excessive. The Venus factor review workout reveals that it becomes harder to lose weight at that point. This calls for light food before bedtime and carefulness in the choice of food. Excessive calories at night cause inflammation. This also triggers leptin resistance.

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  1. Chose Foods that Fight Inflammation

The venus factor program revealed that some foods fight inflammation. And inflammation also triggers leptin resistance. This calls for being meticulous in your choice of meals to help your weight loss goals. John Barban of the Venus Factor system advises that your meal at a serving should contain at least three different colors.

Besides, white foods are the culprit behind inflammation. In this regards, having a various mix of colors is a good way to consume adequate nutrient and reduce leptin resistance.

  1. Totally Expel Sugar

It is not alarming that most Americans are high in weight. This can be traced to the high sugar and Carb content of their meal. These food choices alongside saturated fats are known to trigger inflammation in the body. This triggers leptin resistance from the brain thus obesity.

In this regards, it is a good idea to stay away from sugar. Besides, the Venus factor workout program reports that excess sugar transcribes to fats in the body. This does help our weight loss goals. When carbs and sugar are reduced, triglycerides are decreased. Decreased triglycerides help reduce the transport of leptin to the brain.

  1. Consume More of Protein and Less Carbohydrates

When you double your intake of protein and keep your carbs intake constant, you get a less calorie intake. This, in turn, transcribes to improved levels of hormone sensitivity in the body. Protein decreases food cravings. This, in turn, helps the weight loss effort.

Besides, John Barban of the Venus Factor workout eBook revealed that the appetite-reducing effect of protein triggers weight loss. Besides, when it is combined with exercise, it reduces triglyceride which increases leptin sensitivity.

  1. Improve Sleep

Sleep is critical to every weight loss goals. Asides, adequate sleep helps reduce inflammation and balance hormones. Inflammation, as discussed, is critical to combating leptin resistance. Besides, sleep helps balance hormone, leptin inclusive.

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Not getting enough sleep messes up the body’s hormonal system. There is increased insulin and cortisol which triggers fat deposits. John Barban of the Venus factor review stated that less sleep tends to trigger hunger and food cravings the next morning. This, as expected is detrimental to the weight loss goals. This calls for a deep, restful long hour of night rest. Thus, retiring for the day and switching off once the feeling of sleep creeps in.

Leptin holds a critical if one is going to enjoy adequate weight loss. However, the habits and lifestyle choices have a direct effect on leptin sensitivity. In this regards, the above points will help improve leptin sensitivity, making weight loss goal a success.

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